Who Are We?

Based out of Regina, we are Building Designers, Professional Engineers, Project Managers and more…


We are extremely passionate about the work that we do! Designing & Engineering is in the very fabric of our beings, and we actively take part in ongoing training to constantly sharpen our skill sets – all to benefit you, our clients!


Whether your project includes a Residential Foundation Underpinning Design or a complete large scale Industrial Complex Design; we promise to treat each and every one of them the same – as though they were our own.  Each and every project must undergo some serious scrutiny and pass a rather lengthy design & analysis checklist to ensure that it is up to not just code, but our standards prior to delivery.


Our passion for High Quality Engineered Solutions & Designs has led us to conduct our work with the finest attention to detail.  This can only be achieved on each and every project by following a rigorous engineering design process, which means that most designs cannot happen over the course of a single day.

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