33 High Street W. Condos (Complete Building Renovation)

Out with the old and in with the new!

The building was originally built prior to WWII and was phenomenally constructed for the era. ┬áThe building is an existing three storey above ground (and one below ground) structure. The floors were comprised of 7″ thick concrete (with 3/8″ smooth bar reinforcing steel installed at 4″ o.c.), 3″ lightweight topping with 1-1/2″ thick nailing boards (inlaid in the lightweight topping) and hardwood decking boards attached thereto. ┬áThe floors were supported on free spanning reinforced concrete beams each supported on brick masonry walls and columns.

This project involved the complete gutting of the second and third floors, structural design for a new exit stairwell opening at the rear of the building, design for removal of the existing walls and lightweight concrete topping, design for the installation of a new reinforced concrete topping including a hydronic in-slab heating system, and the complete design for the installation of 5 new dwelling unit suites.

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